Lacrimosa and finding my passion…

In pursuit of passion and of meaning, one must encounter countless ways and disciplines. ” Do you know yourself ?” a person I met asked me, and although I wanted to say “Yes, I do”, I said the truth “No, I am still trying to figure myself out”. Well, thinking about it, I know this much about myself:

  1. I believe.
  2. I fight.
  3. I learn.
  4. I yearn.
  5. I dream.

I am proud of the place I am in now, and I am walking the path as it unfolds. I have done so many mistakes, but I am learning. I enjoy the process, and I am grateful. I feel pain but I learn how to coop with it and how to sort it out… I fail but then I continue because I want to. Actually, trying to decipher where I am now and my inner psycho is just looking at the Monaliza and trying to figure out if she is looking at you or not! It is all so vague, and that; I believe is the beauty of it…

Lacrimosa, a composition by Amadeus Wolfgang Mozart, provokes deep feelings and sentiments of love, loss, the warmth of hope and that cold despair. It is just like the reality sometimes, just undetermined and vague. You can feel the way but you can not reason it.

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