“We are the choices we make” campaign by Nespresso is a marketing piece of art! Here’s why.

The new marketing campaign launched by Nespresso a few days ago is a true work of art. It features three local Colombian coffee farmers( Humberto, Luis Miguel, and Esteban) sharing their personal stories and how Nespresso’s community mill helps them reach their ultimate life goals. I am mainly interested in the Ad covering Humberto’s story because aside from being heartwarming, it is all that a successful Ad has to be. Here’s How:

  1. It speaks to the locals: Alerts the Colombian community on how Nespresso is contributing to the development of their local economy and their society.
  2. It features the beautiful nature of Colombia’s coffee farms.
  3. It stresses the authenticity of the content by featuring real farmers and clearly mentioning that this is a “True Story” at the beginning of the video.
  4. The Ad Clearly claims that Humberto increased his income by using the Nespresso built local community mill. That enabled him to spend more time with his family, support his daughter in achieving her dreams and continuing her college education.
  5. Then the Ad makes the ultimate connection. It shows that the coffee beans Humberto brought to the community mill, are actually used to make your coffee as a consumer of Nespresso. Therefore, by drinking Nespresso coffee, you are becoming a part of a system Nespresso built back in Colombia to help improve life quality of local farmers. You are getting a good tasting coffee and, at the same time, you are helping to enable Humberto and many other farmers get the life they desire.
  6. The Ad is an awesome CSR campaign for Nespresso, so genuine and touching. Simultaneously, it is a smart tool to increase consumer base. The title of the Ad is “The choices we make”, and the video smoothly leads you, as a coffee consumer, to one inevitable choice: Choosing Nespresso coffee. Ergo: “Nespresso, What Else?”
  7. And then there’s Goerge Clooney as the narrator, DAH!

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