Entrepreneurship in KSA: Data Sketch

The attached infographic( Data Sketch) is based on information outlined in the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor report about Entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia 2016/17 in collaboration with King Abdullah Economic City, Lockheed Martin, MBSC (Mohammad Bin Salman College, and Babson Global).

In the shortest form of writing; I could say hope, social status and immediate fame/gains are the greatest drivers for Saudi Entrepreneurs. The greatest weakness is competitiveness. Saudi entrepreneurs lack on the will and patience which the process of establishing a business requires. Ergo, the low EB rate. However, local Entrepreneurs have lots of skills and innovation rates are on the rise. This implies that the Entrepreneurship ecosystem in Saudi Arabia is decreasing the weaknesses and capitalizing on the strengths. In hopes of even greater development in the wake of the new entrepreneurship friendly regulations outlined in Vision 2030.


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